Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Not really sure if all farmers/ranchers hunt but we do. We enjoy hunting. The walks in the woods is refreshing even though we do this in the off season anyhow, we still enjoy the woods. 
We headed out this morning not early by any means but it was a good time to go. The temp read 22-23* and we had a light breeze. Got to my spot and planted my hiney on a log. I was in a place were I could view all the way around me. Not to much brush just enough to not be seen that well by deer.   Mtn Man walked on to make a circle of sorts to maybe stir up the deer a bit.
While I was sitting there in my spot I started talking with "The Man Upstairs". Let me fill ya in a bit, which will take us off track for a minute but I will get back to the story. I have lately been questioning my faith in God, you could say. Wondering if maybe believing in a being that I can't see is really the right way of doing things. Wondering basically if I am a loon as some would say. Being a christian takes work which I am willing to do that has never been the question. My belief in a being that I can't see seems to be in question a lot. This is where faith comes in. My faith has been tested many a time in my life. As of recently it has been tested..... a lot. Well I can now put that all to rest and never want or am willing to question whether he exists.
Now the rest of the story as Paul Harvey (American Radio Icon) would say.... So I am sitting there talking to God which for some they would call it praying.... And I asked if he is really with me and he is real to please show me a sign by presenting me with a buck deer. Didn't have to be a big antlered one just that it was a antlered deer(buck). 3 mins later I hear some rustling off to my left, so I get my rifle ready, wait for a minute and through the brush I could see antlers coming my way. He slowly approached the opening that I had in view and out comes a nice antlered buck. It took me a couple of minutes to process what I was seeing, in disbelief that it really was a buck. I looked through the scope of my gun and made the shot. I then set my rifle aside and had myself a little cry. God had showed me that he truly is here! He brought me the sign about 50 feet in front of me. I then heard him say Now please, Mary.  don't ask me again for proof, I am always here for you my child. This deer was brought to me by God and I will never ask again. For the next time I may not like what the answer would be....probably something way more difficult. Now my job is to study more diligently and listen whenever he speaks........

Montana standards 5x5(10 point), Missouri standards 4x4(8 point)

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