Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Giving Thanks To Our Veteran's/Active Military


I personally would like to Thank ALL our veteran's/active military. I have quite a few family members who were in combat and served during peace time. No matter what time or how you served, the point is that you did for your country. To me it takes a brave, courageous individual to make that step. It takes a belief in our country to protect her shores and her people. And in this time of history with the type of leader we have, Muslim, it takes a determination and conviction for our country that I think we have never seen before, to SERVE. 
I believe God is with you ALL. Continue to be strong, courageous and brave because those of us at home are grateful for your service!
For those of you who have made it home......With our deepest gratitude, we as a nation are in debt, to you All!

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