Thursday, November 13, 2014

Funny Story

FIL was telling stories again and this one I couldn't resist sharing with you. Close friends to them came over to visit. J & T are great people. J & T have one kid, a daughter K. 
J has been talking about getting a beagle for hunting. Neighbor to InLaws just happened to have a few up for grabs. They are papered, ready to go for the taking. So FIL & J meet up with the neighbor to take a look. One of the pups was spoken for already just didn't matter which one out of three. So they looked them over and after a lot of discussion J decided the dog in the North pen and the South pen were they dogs he would take. Now the thought heading over there was he would only get one dog but he decided he liked them both. Both are females. They head back up to the house to talk with the neighbor and explained which ones he liked. The question was asked what did the neighbor name the dogs? He replied "T and K". Oh, my really, T and K. FIL told J that his wife isn't gonna like this. They had a great laugh over the deal and went back to the house to explain what happened.
When I heard the story it makes me wonder if T didn't call the neighbor to find out if that really is the dogs names or not. Or if her husband was playin a game on her which isn't all that unnatural for them.
Can you imagine, he would be calling out his daughter and wife's name every time he called the dogs? LOL!!! 

I apologize for not finishing this story....J is the proud owner now of T & K.....despite his wife's refusal for more dogs. Gotta love his determination.....still not sure if the names are gonna stay the same.....time will tell!

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