Tuesday, March 27, 2012

End of March

Spring has sprung here on the ranch! The little bits of green can be seen and the brown is slowly disappearing. Yeah!
In the last couple of weeks I decided to try Ranchwife's Panbread and I added a little bit of Italian herb after rubbing the bread down with olive oil and then baked it....it was delish!
We have been busy with guests in our house, so I have been doing a lot of cooking on top of helping the guys with chores and such around the ranch. This girl has been truly busy!!!
We so appreciate the help that has been coming, they have been helping with the much needed fencing. Takes a bit of stress of my hubby.......so he can spend the much needed time calving that will continue into the end of June it seems this year. Hopefully we can get that tightened up for next year........

 I also have been able to get "Nana" a friend. Another goat named her Cecilia, she is sweet and so soft, thinking she has some sort of Angora in her. She was a 4-H kid in Billings and he decided that he didn't want to keep her for this years project. Would have had her momma but she died the weekend I was suppose to pick her up. So now I am on the hunt for a little billy for my girls.......Can't wait until June, looking forward to having two more girls for my sheep....keeping the herd small can't get carried away! :)
Lily next to her momma Priscilla trying to stay in the shade
Chicken and Goose Eggs
My chickens that I bought from the Allis boys, are laying like no tomorrow!! They are truly happy chickens!! All but 5 of these eggs they laid in 2 days!! Wahoo......my 51 chicks, 2 ducks, 2 geese and two chickens will be here in a couple weeks...some coming from Finkbeiner's and the others are coming via the mail! So excited...already getting things together for their arrival.
Hopefully, this weekend I can snag the hubby to get my garden rototilled up....it will soon be time for planting.
Have family arriving tomorrow night, they will be here for about 10 days and then go back home to return in end of May to stay for the summer. Looking forward to having them here........
Earl and April French have arrived, maybe I told you this before, but we are pleased with them. It is nice to have someone around who wants to work!! April has been painting on the little blue house since she arrived and it really looks nice in the little house along with all their nice furniture it really will be cute when she is done!
Received another order for a memory quilt, hope to get that going soon, have to wait for the "memories" to arrive in the mail. Then I can proceed!
Gotta go ...the fencing crew will be here shortly to eat spaghetti and garlic bread.....until next time say your prayers and love your family!
Ps,,my kids have now been gone for 15 yrs(Mar 25 1997), never really know how this will effect me each year. I had been told by some that the hurt lessons every year, still waiting for that.......miss them tons!!

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