It's Sunday Don't Ya Know! Sundays are our days off as much as you can have one on a ranch. The "Boys" have decided to get on the horses and go find whatever cows haven't drifted down. Us "Girls" and her boys are staying home to do whatever we do.

Today I am gonna try to finish up this quilt that someone ordered this last spring. It is a memory quilt of sorts, kind of cool to see someone else's memories in full color.

This will be a queen quilt when I am done. Last night I got the strips sewn together, today I will sew the strips together to make one piece. I really am getting excited to see this one done.......pretty cool!

This morning I had to get my head screwed on straight so to speak, when the weather gets like this it takes some adjustment for my body. Many aches and pains, but I keep goin no matter what, "Cowgirl Up". Just takes me a bit longer than some and shorter than others! LOL! As I was sayin' just get my mind right I watched a Joyce Meyer Video I laughed so hard. Joyce may be a celebrity of sorts but she reminds us that she is human too! She is quite the speaker, Plain and to the Point!

How are spending your day? Church? Getting together with Family?

Have a great day!


  1. I think those types of memory quilts are so cool. Do you back the T-shirts with fusible interfacing first?

  2. Your photos are great! Hope you get to feeling better. I watch Joyce Meyer daily. I find her down to earth and her testimony inspiring. Love you, chey

  3. A Gumbo Lily Do I do them just like grandma would Auntie Cheyenne thank you...look for my book in the spring....


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