Winter Prepardness

The coming winter season always gets me stirring come the end of Aug. beginning of Sept., which causes me to start getting serious about resupplying my food storage, pulling out the winter wear, putting away the mower, garden tools and gathering wood. So I started buying from online, Amazon is so awesome for this. I am a thrifty shopper buying local, in these parts you can buy from "Western Family". Had to hunt down the closest place to buy the "case good sale", Ekalaka-Main Street Market is the closest here and so happy I found them.

It has already been down to 21* here so we are moving pretty quickly to get the rest of our prep done. The Guys are getting the rest of the hay hauled in and stacked. Fences mended which is on going, watching the cows and buttoning up the houses for winter. I am helping with the latter on our place, we live in a double wide that is a few decades old but has been well taken care of. Some things are outdated but still nice none the less. The boss has had a heck of a time finding "good" help to set this mobile and to finish it. Story ends with us finishing it up after 1,000's of dollars. This is what I am doing today.......putting on the foam insulation and getting the rock siding on.

When that is done then we, hubby and I, have to finish the back.

When the boss showed up this last time, he brought with him 4 more babies.

So now I have 8 babies, all bottle babies from this year. What fun they are.......they come running when I call, luv that!

Have a great week, be prepared the cold is here and winter is sneaking up on us quickly!


  1. House Project has been put off until tomorrow way to windy!!!!

  2. Sounds like you are very busy but still enjoying your life in Montana. I enjoy reading your posts Mary. :)

  3. I like your term "buttoning up the house." We've had some nice days lately and are working on those "before the snow flies" projects. I hope you finish yours up.



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