Rainy Weather

Woke to another day of dreary. No I am not complaining, we need the moisture! But it makes for a day of inside projects that I have been dying to get to. We are all ready for the cows to come in for preconditioning, just waiting out the weather. The guys went up yesterday and opened the gates so the cows could drift down this way, and thank goodness the weather has pushed down closer to us!

Last night I was reminded of an event that someone asked me to make some jewelry for. I forgot because we were so busy! Well today I have managed to get it together, I had a barrette in my stash that I made this last year and it was the right colors so I made a pair of earrings to match. Turned out beautiful if I do say so myself!

After doing his morning chores , my hubby is getting into his leather projects and getting some saddles ready for this weeks ride up the way. Saddles were dropped off for him to fix! What a fun day we are having so far!

Hope you have a great weekend! Off to work on my quilt project.......


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