Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Are You Prepared?

Well folks here we go again....Because a lack of preparation on our nations part,  for the worst winter that the Midwest has had in years, we are being rationed on how much propane we can order. 200 gals across the board no matter the size of your tank for everybody nobody is special and the prices are INSANE!!! We have heard of some paying $5.50 a gallon!!! Our propane company is at $4.69 a gallon(Monday) and we thought $2.69 was STUPID! In Laws are fixing to pay 750.00 to get 200 gals for their tank. Looks like we may have to think about alernative heating for our place. These prices are not gonna drop all that much when this is done. It will take awhile for things to resolve themselves but I am thinkin we won't see the prices below $3 when done with this which means for a 250 gal tank (they only fill to 80% or 200 gal.) it will cost you no less than $600 bucks to get your tank filled. WOW! then if you have to do that a couple times a year or for some more you might as well think about something else to heat your house or cook food or dry your clothes with! At this moment electric is cheaper than propane so we went out yesterday and got ourselves a nice fireplace heater for the bedroom. Never dreamed we would have had to do that.....
We have already been looking into alternative electric uses now will add our heating, cooking needs. Looking more primitive all the time!!!
I am thinking the AMISH are on to something here!! LOL! Have you ever met a cold, starving Amish folk, nor have I!


On the homefront it snowed this last week and is still here. Temps haven't been above 32* for over a week. And it isn't nice it is really icy. A glaze on top!
Received All My Seeds From Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds & Gurney's
Peanut's system decided to go into a full blown heat cycle....Argh this time is like dealing with a 13 yr old girl for 2 wks on her monthly. Poor thing really, feel bad for her. I will be glad when this is over with......
Mtn Man's surgery is scheduled for the 25th......we are working on getting things set up, thank God for family and friends !!!!
Little Curly is now fully halter trained and is now learning about saddle blankets...so dang cute and great personality!

Note to others out there:
We are looking for a wood cook stove prefer one that is in working order....prefer to have the water reservoir on the back/side...if you know someone give them my email marye.masterson@gmail.com or get a hold of me via email and I will send ya my phone #. 

Solar Panels
Evacuated Tubes
Solar Thermal Collector
Battery Banks

Keep Your Heads Low And We Shall See Ya On The Flip Side.......

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  1. I don't get it. When folks are having a really hard time, along comes someone who is more than happy to kick them while they are down - for a profit. Seems to me we should be finding ways to help one another instead of finding ways to make lives more miserable. The only saving grace I have is that my utilities are included in my rent. Of course, the rent goes up every year, but not at the rate of $700 a pop. Be careful - I read that the EPA is trying, if they haven't already, to regulate the type of wood stove a person can have. Another kick in the teeth, especially for rural folks who burn wood for heat.

    1. If the gov't would just keep their bloody noses out of others business and fix their own issues we would all be in better shape. I feel for the families who have little ones to take care of on this type of heat.....gonna be a lot of cold kiddies out there. Hopefully their family can get some sort of assistance to keep the heat going.....
      Thanks for stopping by Vicki always nice to see ya!
      Ps still working on getting that recipe...we keep missing each other maybe Mtn Man can get it today...ttyl

  2. The problem will be is that people will pay those outrageous prices because if they want to heat their homes, then they have to. With that, the companies know they can get that price per gallon from folks..so be prepared for the fact that prices may not go down. We have seen it gasoline.
    And i ditto what Vicki said..the EPA is trying to regulate wood stoves, San Francisco all ready banned wood burning fire places... But then again it is San Fran we are talking about...lol

    1. Yeah they tried that in Oregon and Washington too. Not sure if it ever passed but ya know my motto Molon Labe' that applies to everything!!!!!

  3. We heat with a wood burning stove -- if you have access to firewood, it might be a good alternative for you all. Stay warm! xo


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