Sunday, February 2, 2014

Groundhog Day

We need to have a chat Phil, another 6 wks of winter!!! Argh!

Mtn Man and I were talking this morning and if Phil is right we will have experienced 6 mos of winter this year when it is over! This is the longest winter I have ever had.......
It wouldn't be so bad if I had some sewing projects handy or beading work handy but I don't as they are still packed away in our storage container. I do some writing which is slow because it is about my life in the past and find it hard to write about it. But I push forward because I would really like to get it done.

We have been having huge issues with our internet again. I swear when they created the internet it was suppose to make our lives easier, convenient, blah blah blah and all it has done is cause me headaches and gray hair!! This is the second round with Hughesnet (we had it in Montana) and thought we could go at it again but after two months the service went from no problem with usage to you are exceeding within a few days of the update every month. We are not using it heavy so it should be no problem. So we are thinking as this is the only choice of internet at this time in our area to just plain ol' give it up. Pay the "fine" and get on wherever we can in the week outside of here. I hate paying for a service that does not deliver. When you call them for assistance you get foreigners that you can hardly understand and vice versa. And still have the problem at hand......We pay about $80 for 10 Mbps/2 Mbps and as of this morning we were at 4/.66 Mbps not what we are paying for! We have looked into other offers like Exede(Satellite service), Dial Up etc. but I am nervous about anymore Satellite service and Dial Up is long distance charges in this area so will just have to go without. :(

We did get out and do some work on Friday. Started clearing out the brush in the woods behind our house. It is looking really nice but with the wintery weather that set in yesterday it is to slick to get up there on the hill.

Well I guess I need to slink off and go write for a later! Have a great day everybody and thanks for listening!

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  1. I have my internet service through my phone company. I don't have a cell phone, just land line with caller ID. I think it is a wee bit spendy, but there are no restrictions and as I don't do credit or debit cards, I am paying for the convenience of having the service combined with my phone bill. I have only had a problem twice in 10 years, both having to do with modem settings, which were quickly fixed by English speaking operators. All in all, it is worth it to me.

    When you have your chat with Phil, give him a swift kick for me. I am sorely in need of green grass, flowers and warm breezes. Have a lovely day.

    1. We tried to get our internet thru AT&T but they don't offer it here in our valley.
      As far as Phil goes will do.....Thanks for the visit Vicki!

  2. Enjoy your day! Spring is on it's way.

    M : )

    1. Went for a walk and upon our return it was dumping snow. we now have an inch on the ground.....Thanks for coming Melinda. Have a great day!


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