I see I am a little bit behind on my blogs...I apologize.....busy girl I am.
The month of November is full of fun! After separating out the calves from their mommas, we kept 110 replacements and sent the rest off to market.
In the first week of the month, Hubby hitched a ride with a friend who was headed back over West. He
spent the night and picked up his 1-ton "brown bomber" that stayed behind for much needed work to her.
He came home the following day. In the second week we saw temps drop down in the teens and I believe
we saw our first snow then too! The boss decided we needed to get our water system set up and in a hurry so they thought.  A 30,000 gal tank was delivered at the end of Oct beg of Nov and electrical box was attached and line ditched for electrical and all the goodies added to make this work. Unfortunately, it wasn't finished until couple days ago, but it is running none the less! Cows should not ever run out of water!!!
In the middle of the month we did a pregnancy check on the cows and culled out the ones to go to market. About 50% of the herd went to market, long due for a hard cull such as this. Just shipped those when we returned this last week. The cow market is really good right now so we waited for the right time, to market these cows (broken mouth, bad bags, etc).

The third week, 45 2 yr old heifers were delivered and we were off and running for Thanksgiving/Christmas vacation!  We left on Thanksgiving Day and made it to Lennox,SD. We found in SD that they let pets stay for free!! Arrived in Scott City, MO friday nite.
The weekend was full, we visited family and friends at our Thanksgiving Supper. It was nice to unwind a bit!
The guys(father & son) had to work around the 17 acre farm this trip. Had some fallen trees that needed trimming and fencing that needed mending. The final product was beautiful!
We did some touring of the countryside and I saw some country I hadn't seen before. The ozarks have there own beauty. And of course, we had to go shopping for Christmas presents!
During the week we had some snow show sure was pretty!

The following weekend we had Christmas! The kids are at that age that they still believe in Santa, so because we were early we had to come up with some creative ways to explain why they were getting presents from Santa early. Because we live the closest to Santa I explained to them that we talked with Santa and he gave his permission to give the presents early. Little "J" says with the straightest face....we get them but can we open them. Of course I said, you don't have to wait until Christmas Day. What fun we had watching them rip them open, paper flyin everywhere!!

Sunday afternoon we headed out, hauling a horse and mule. We traveled thru Branson, MO which brought us to Arkansas. It hit me that afternoon that I might be able to see my Aunt who I haven't seen in over 20 yrs. And thank goodness she was able to come and see me, she met us at a truck stop close to her home.

We delivered the horse to his sisters and headed north towards home. Stopped in Joplin to pick up my pony cart. Then headed for Kansas City. Stopped in Kansas City to see a classmate that I hadn't seen since graduation...
It is always fun to catch up with family and friends!
We arrived home Tuesday evening!
What a blast we had Hubby got to catch up with friends and family some he hadn't seen in 3yrs or longer and I got to see people I hadn't seen before and some that had been long time comin' !


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