Sun in the Clouds!

Yesterday I drove over to Ekalaka, MT to meet with a lady about some graves I wanted to photograph. I love researching family for people and I volunteer my time to photograph graves for others who are eagerly trying to find their loved ones. My way of giving back! Anyways, I met with Sue and we chatted while I photographed and when we found everybody and some she asked back to the house for a cup of coffee. What a treat! When I arrived I see a sign that said something about Emus'. I found it intriguing as I haven't spent much time around such strange looking birds. God does have a sense of humor, which we see in critters and sometimes people.

They are attracted to very shiny things and of course I was wearing my wedding ring and earrings so I stood a few feet back. You can't help but keep looking at them with the fine feathers and big feet! While I was visiting Sue & Johnny, I found out that she uses most everything that Emu's offer, it was such a treat to see what she does with the egg shells. Sue is very talented and she was very gracious to share with me her talent. She explained to me that 1 Emu egg is equal to 10 chicken eggs which blows my mind! But she takes the eggs and blows them out and uses a tool that someone created for her that runs 400,000 RPM's @ 40 lbs of pressurized air...looked something like a dental drill. Her work is absolutely worth seeing in person, but I took some pictures to share...

The whiter eggs are from a Rhea which is another exotic bird they have had in the past. She then hand paints with acrylic paint and seals them with polyurethane coat. She does sell these items, if interested email me.
Upon leaving I looked down to find this welcome mat...which showed me the fun loving side of these people. Had a real nice visit with the Breding's.
I then traveled about 13 miles north of Ekalaka to take more pics of another gravesite. Small cemetery behind a church in Medicine Rock. On my way back towards home I had seen a sign that said Camp Crook (which is 20 min northeast of us) so I decided to take the back roads home. I was seeing country I hadn't traveled before and the sun was shinin'

When I arrived home, my hubby and I decided that we would go out for supper so off to Camp Crook we went.....Overall I had a peaceful day!


  1. What a fun and interesting trip you had! Those eggs are amazing!



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