Well so far so good on the plumbing issue. Turned out we had to order a new pump as well. Seems the cold brings the worst out in the weak spots.
We have had a variety of weather anywhere from Sunshine to Rain to Snow and Cold Cold Cold! This evening it is about 5* above zero but could drop below zero tonight. The moon is shining as are the stars it is beautiful!
This week I have been working on a Queen Quilt which is turning out to be really pretty and will be very soft.

The theme "Sexy " so I came up with this. Had to really ponder that but I don't think this is half bad for sexy!
The other one I made is a twin and it's theme was "barbie and hannah montana".

Tom is in the midst of finishing up my christmas present. A white leather mountain man style coat lined with felt material and accented with Navy Blue. It is really beautiful and almost done!

When he gets it done will get some pics with me in it!

 Well gotta go! talk to ya soon!


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