It is a New Year!

Here we are already a few days into the new year! Hope yours is a prosperous one!
We have been so busy since I last wrote. My hubby was off for 5 days for new years and I loved it!
It was nice to just be us for awhile! We went to a birthday party on the 30th and had a great time. New years Eve we decided to stay home and couldn't even keep our eyes open to bring in the new year. LOL!
The Next morning our fun began, what I mean is the temps up here have fallen to below 0 like -16! Even with two fires going we couldn't keep up with the cobbled together mess of plumbing and we FROZE UP! So we have a back up propane heater in the utility shed and got it hooked up and ran it for day and half . Still frozen, decision making time, decision being we were going to replace the cobbled mess and move it indoors! So off to Home Depot my hubby goes! Will he get everything in one trip? I stayed home to keep the fires going and make sure other things didn't freeze. He brings supplies and dives right into the plumbing....Sat and Sun worked on that, keep in mind we live in 864 sq ft....this project tears the entire house apart!!! Mess is an understatement! We are boiling water for bathes and dishwater! Thank goodness the well works so unlike last year we can get water not haul it! And the trip to Home Depot, well had to return on Sunday for parts he thought he got! 60 miles roundtrip to Crazy Missoula (zootown) twice! Then today, Monday, we had to go back to zootown for a doc appt which by the way turned out great, back to full duty status! So three days of trips to zootown!! Crazy!!
We got all the plumbing in and did the water test and found a leak which was easy fix. The pump altho was not acting right so we started talking about that and laughed at it thinking wouldn't that just top it off we have to buy a new pump. Well folks it is on its way, the pump died today!! Approx $300(total) later we should be a fully functioning cabin with no more freezing pipes!!!

On the flip side of things, I have two more quilts to make this month! Both for girls and should be lots of fun to make!
Well I need to go make some dinner for my hubby and since he just got done with the wood trim on the floors we are going to take a well deserved break for the rest of the evening!


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