Chair Renewal

Harry showed up with his mexican chairs after a few weeks of trying to figure out what leather would work to re-do them. They are about 100 yrs old. He was going to finish them himself but thought since we had the stuff and the know how he would hand it over to us.

Mountain Man filled in the places that needed it. Then went to sanding on them.
He wiped them down with neets oil to protect them and these chairs just drank it up!
He had to create four more nail tacks in his blacksmith shop (sorry did not get pics). Then he went about assembling the chairs. Oh and he oiled the leather too!

Harry loved them! Said his parents/grandparents? bought those down in mexico years ago....they sit under a covered porch in the middle of the oak woods in front of a huge log home! These chairs are made for looking at! So glad he was pleased!

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