Spring Clean Up

Shorty Dog got his bi-annual haircut...doesn't he just look handsome! Hehehe have to tell him that or else he goes away pouty! 

Yesterday was the day to tackle the garden.... he gave it a roto going over after putting more mulch that has been setting for some time! I love seeing the fresh dirt! Smells like planting...almost! We are still having some chilly nights yet...pretty soon tho!
Today we will go over it one more time after it dries out a bit from the morning dew!
Have a great day!

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  1. M.E.,

    Shorty looks adorable with the short hair. He's probably feeling a tad naked, LOL....

    Like you I love the smell of fresh soil being tilled up in the garden. Before you know it you'll be planting for the new season :-)


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