Change of Plans

We, FIL and Us, went for a ride this last weekend. It was so nice! Sorry did not get ANY pics..LOL Mtn Man and I decided we would ride the next day in the evening so we put the big boys in Lyfa's winter pasture to hold them.
Well it did not work out for us to go for a ride the next day. Life got in the way!
I am sure you see those two bales in there that are dark looking.....those are no good! So had to get a fresh bale out for them Monday! Usually not a big deal but Monday's storms were on top of us ALL DAY! 2" of rain in 12 hrs and yes we were out there fixing the "boys" up with feed! Fresh bale made them very happy although they would rather eat the sweet green grass coming up!
Crazy amount of rain dropped on our heads....three change of clothes later, we were in for the night!

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  1. M.E.,

    Gorgeous horses. Life does keep all of us very busy, sometimes more so than others.


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