Gardening Plans

Our next step was adding the cattle panels for the tomatoes and the peas to grow on. This year we decided to do it BEFORE we planted the goods! Ha Ha
And we have decided to expand our Asparagus beds....Wahoo!!
Can you see my strawberry bed in the is considerably smaller now than it was! They grew like crazy!!

We flipped the garden this year...potatoes and green beans will be planted on the other side this year and ground crops like beets, carrots etc. will be planted in the fall again.

I am sure we will have all kinds of volunteer "whatevers" this year like we did last, so not planning on planting a bunch! Kind of a grow "whatever" garden this year!

Frosty this morning, again! Thought the frost was done but I guess not! Still waiting it out to plant! Last year it was the 19th of April when we planted......ho hum!

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