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We started out with just a simple task of switching out the water heater to a tankless water heater (on demand). All we had to do was remove the 1991 Water Tank which still worked great and add a junction to the gas line to get the new one in! Well as some of you know when you get into someone else's mess you end up with a mess yourself!
Let me start at the beginning....we got ourselves up, had our coffee, dipped in the hot tub and then we were off to get the task accomplished. The first thing we had to do was drain the water heater and the pressure tank. After looking things over Mtn Man decided that it needed replacing too! So while they were draining we were off to the hardware store for the needed parts.
Arriving at home after being gone for 1/2 of the day.... Mtn Man turned off our power, removed the water heater and all the silly pipe system and went to work replacing everything not without issue though!
From somewhere in the house I hear words that I cannot repeat here coming from the little closet in the laundry room. I ask what the issue is and he says he just cannot believe his eyes! The pressure switch does not have a ground wire at all and on top of that they hard wired past the switch. HUH? Why?

So in the picture can you see that little blue box
he went to it and opened it to see what they did there and well basically it was pointless to have that box
...hard wired there too. Can you see where the pipe curves from the blue box, well there is a junction there too he opened it too to be sure there wasn't some hanky panky there was all good! Whew! So we thought!Disgusted by what we found... we decided to call it a night!

First night without water...
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  1. Once it's all hooked up properly, can't wait to hear how the tankless works.

  2. M.E.,

    Great post! I can totally understand your husbands frustrations with the wiring of the old water heater. We love the on demand water heater, my folks have one. The mistake they made was installing it in their attic. They hired a professional plumber to install it, he used the wrong coded pipes. When winter came the pipes cracked because they froze, causing water to leak from the water lines down into the ceiling of the family room, and down the arch way to the hand carved wood floors. This is what my husband and I are having fixed at the estate. What a mess, in the end the correct pipes were installed and hubby and I had the plumber remove the heater from the attic and place it in the garage. You will love your on the demand water heater when your husband is totally finished installing it.

  3. It's always interesting getting into the mess someone else made. Sometimes it takes much longer to figure out what is going on, than it does to do what you started out to do. Enjoy the rest of your adventure!



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