Day 5-Preparing For Tiny Living

Day #5
Yes another day!! LOL!
Ok so the smell seem to get worse...we had company show up and give us a brand new microwave. So loving of them to do! And we all sat out at the bon fire having pizza and good time. Still trying to figure out what that smell was....
We finally had a moment to think about it a bit...Mtn Man said well maybe I jiggled that gas line enough that it is leaking at the other joint...Babe get me a bottle with soap and water!
And ya know he was right!
Little sucker was a bubblin away! Wahoo found the source of that putrid smell! And we are alive to tell the story!
Ya know ladies and gents we have been enjoying our new water system! It works well!!! Wahoo!!

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  1. M.E.,

    I'm happy you found the problem and fixed it right away. That could have been pretty dangerous!


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