Day 3-Preparing For Tiny Living

Day #3
Ok so FIL shows up and we go over what the issues are. FIL has skills with electrical so the back up was much needed. Off to the Hardware store they go for another 3 hour tour (LOL squirrel-Gillian's Island)... LOL! 
They arrive home to start the job of rewiring and really that was no big deal from my view point of things...LOL! I just watched and took pics!

They decided to use the tractor to dig a trench... turned the fork around on the backblade they use on the roads to dig that trench then followed up with a shovel...

They strung with my help down this trench and under the back deck down the side of the house and up through the floor...
Got the pressure tank and switch all working correctly and turned the water on (testing the line). FIL was up at the well head to make sure we didn't have any issues up there...and we hear hollering "shut it off"! Crap now what?
That red hose that met the black junction there had a small hole in it. Now let me tell you a funny about that line. First off, that hose is radiator hose, like you have in your truck! And that hose goes off into the wild blue yonder with no end in site! Another words we have no idea where it goes!! We thought we just had a ton of springs over yonder and reality is it is probably where this hose ends!!
See the pump has been continuously going on and off since we moved here...we could never find the issue. Thought maybe it was the pressure tank or bad gauge or who knows what. But our electric bill has been high in cost for this little house. Now we believe without a doubt we found the culprit!
And guess what...another run to the hardware store he goes!! LOL
Upon their return they get the water system fixed!
Mtn Man goes to work getting the on demand water heater hooked up....and away we go!
They had it running that evening! Wahoo!

Oh but wait it isn't over Monday to see why...

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  1. Wow. Gotta love the unexpected! Jason and I figure if we had a project that went off without a hitch, we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves

  2. Great story, M.E.! You just never know what you're going to run into if you didn't build it yourself. I'll tune in Monday for the next edition.


  3. Oh, my gosh! You all must be on a first name basis with the hardware store folks. Probably at the top of their Christmas Card list. As much as I am enjoying the installments of "What Not to Do When Building Your Own Home," I truly hope you are coming to the end of the surprises!

  4. lol it sounds like you are having quite an adventure in home improvement favorite line to give my husband and his helpful friends is "don't make me call the plumber,( carpenter, moving company or whatever the case may be) again cause they are gonna quit taking my calls!"


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