Fencing Project

The horses are enjoying their new digs!
By the by this pic was taken after we had a 12" rain in 36 hr time! Just this last week!!

Anyhoo, we started out by getting the posts in the ground...digging holes with the auger that attaches to the tractor...pouring the dry crete in the holes to help stabilize things a bit better. The moisture from the ground and air help the concrete get set up! 

 So as you can see in this picture we are ready to get the rest of the t posts in the ground...figuring it out as we go!
My strong Mtn Man got the t-posts in and then we were off to the next section to get another set in the ground...
Let me share a handy little trick that Mtn Man uses that I thought was fabulous...You see that 8 ft 2x4 laying on the ground there ...he uses it to figure out where to set the next post...8 ft apart! Nifty huh?
Then the level is used to help level out the post from side to side....the line that is in there ...white in color...is to used for the line where we want the fence to be....pretty cool!
Ok so then we had to get the field fence up which was a task in itself! I didn't get any pics because I was really involved in this part of it....Basically, I stood on the cut wire end...while it laid on the ground flat and he unrolled it.. then when we got to a section that we felt was long enough...he propped it up against a t-post to hold it up....He came back to my end and nailed it up to the cedar post. Went to the other end and using a fence stretcher he tightened up the top then I came along with my fence clips and attached it to the t posts...then he went to the bottom and stretched it, only because we have one stretcher...if two would have been easier. Anyhow ...the clips were applied and away we went to the next section and so on....
Then we had barb wire for the top strand...
Mtn Man said he was going to use the tractor for this...much smoother!!

Then came the gates....No red is not our favorite color but that is what we could get! Another trick we use when placing gates...can't go anywhere without our crescent wrench...used for so many things!

And Viola' we have a section of one of the fields fenced! Yay!

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  1. Great project, M.E., and it looks great. There is nothing like completing a project that has been on the books for a while. Good for you! Thanks for showing us your techniques, there is always more to learn, and it seems no two people stretch fence quite the same.


  2. M.E.,

    Great looking fence!!! When you're done, come down this way.......I have more fence to lay. :-)

    I hope you and your husband had a wonderful Thanksgiving?


  3. That is a beautiful fence! Could you have put the posts further apart? How do you deal with unlevel land or gullies?

  4. Hello Fiona,

    I see you and your man are building your own homestead there in Kentucky! congrats! To answer your question: yes you can depending on what you are trying to keep in your fence. We wanted something that could be used for anything like goats, sheep, cattle and horses.
    Unlevel ground was in this project...on the backside which is the creek side...you make adjustments as you go...such as when you are clipping your fence up to the posts..you lift it as you go to make it look right. This is for small inclines and such. If it is a large incline..then you should probably put another cross brace in and start your fence off from there again.
    Gullies...depends on how deep those are...up at the ranch in Montana we had spots where we actually had to build fence three stacks high in the gullies so cattle could not pass. pain in the arse but gotta do whatcha gotta do. For small ones we just use barb wire to fix the gap.
    Water ways we use barb wire and use a "break away" method for flooding...tie from post or tree to post or tree across the gap then take wire starting at the top wire...attach wire then whip it around the next wire to the next to the next then at the bottom we hang a cement block (the ones with holes in it) for weight ...letting them take the beating instead of your fence... keeps the livestock in your fences and most of the time keeps your good fence from coming apart.
    Hope this helps ya! Thanks for asking

  5. Hi, M.E. Hope your projects are going well. I look forward to another update! Blessings. Fern

  6. very nice .... I like the red gates!

  7. Thanks for the extra information!


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