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Are you tired of being prepared? GO READ THIS>>>

I had to go read it! Tired, really?
It seems my whole life has been in preparedness since I was born. Raised in a religion that was based on being ready for the End of The World at any moment. We neither know the day or the hour when it will come. So for me I am a prepared person down to my bones. Even when I go to work on a project...I think of everything I will need from start to end. Get really mad when I forget something too! It a real world situation that one mistake could cost ya your life! 
I am not saying that we need to live in fear of living our lives. We just need to be a bit more prepared even for things like your house caught on fire. Do you have extra pair of britches and a tshirt or shoes somewhere so when you are caught in your underwear in the middle of the night you have something to put on? Or if you are in rural areas like us with volunteer fire dept...Do you have water handy(for you to consume) somewhere? In case of fire or electrical issues or storms blow your house away and your power is out? Do you have the simple things like T_P somewhere? How about snacks or food? 
Have I got ya thinkin? Are you prepared for a break in? Most burglars tear through a house leaving it in shambles.... Are you prepared for that? Do you have plan B if this happens to you? How will you handle a car jacking? Does this get ya thinkin? Or how about someone who swiftly walking towards you? Are you aware of your surroundings at all times? Do you know how to handle yourself if in this situation?  

If you don't know what to do in some of these situations best get crackin! These situations are real. And happen everyday to somebody somewhere. GET READY! It could be you next!
Thank you Frank And Fern for writing a great article and I do hope that we all learn something from it!

Love hearing from ya!!!!
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  1. Thank you for the link, M.E. You're right. There are so many different situations that can catch us unprepared if we haven't thought through what we will need or do. Mental practice and preparedness is crucial, just like you explained. Thank you again. Blessings.


  2. Your post and that of Frank and Fern proved to be a much needed wake up call for me. Thanks.

  3. M.E.,

    Based on our experiences, and past employment we've always been prepared, and aware of our surroundings 24/7.

    I highly recommend reading Frank and Fern's post to everyone!!!


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