Who's Cookin in the Kitchen?

When living out here like we do a Ranch Wife has to get creative in the kitchen. Lately, Wonder Woman has been arriving every afternoon to cook. Yesterday, Sunday she came up with an oldie but goodie. Bacon wrapped Shrimp with a kick!

Start with a large shelled shrimp, a strip of mild chile pepper (heat of your choice really)(the kind you make chile rellenos with, can find them in a can I believe), a slice of bacon.....in order wrap around each other and stick a toothpick thru to hold. Throw on BBQ until you see the shrimp is done.....yummy!Enjoy! Ps these can be done in the oven as well 400* until shrimp is done....
Can add cream cheese between shrimp and chile pepper.....Enjoy!

Then today she made "Creamy Cheese Chicken" !

In a greased pan add boneless chicken breast then top with 2 c cheese of your choice or 8 slices. In separate bowl mix 1 can of cream soup of your choice no water instead add 1 c of white wine. Add 1 tbsp of montreal chicken seasoning and mix well (until creamy). Pour this mixture on top of your cheesy chicken. Cover and put in a 350* oven for at least an hour or until chicken is done. Enjoy!

I wouldn't mind if she returns every night! LOL! 

As a Ranch Wife you have to be a multi-tasker, start your day doin chores, make breakfast, clean up then go out do a few barn chores, gather cattle moving to a new pasture, tag a few calves(tongue hangin out), then come home to fix a little lunch, go back out work a bit more cattle, tag a few more then come in to prepare for supper......this is when Wonder Woman makes her appearance! Clean up from this meal, sit with hubby watch a little tele and fall asleep before 9pm and eventually find your way to your pillow in bed! Wake up to do it all again another day....the true life of a Ranchin Wife!
Thank goodness for days off to do all the other things that just happen....like laundry , dusting , sweeping , bookwork, etc...oh and don't forget once in awhile the fun little projects like beading , quilting etc...
Makes me tired just writing this......LOL! luv it!!

Ps. You can find more of my recipes here ....


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