Working Day...

We, hubby and I, finished the fencing for this hay corral. Purpose is to keep the cows out not keep the hay from escaping!

My job was to attach the fencing clips to the metal posts, There purpose is to keep the wire in place. With lots of posts and 4 strands of wire I was busy. Then we had to make gates at both ends of this corral.

We also installed a water heater today, no not for the house it was for the cattle tank. I hadn't seen anything like this before.....our boss made a barrel into a wood stove. Inside, it has a removable carriage or basket that holds the wood you burn. On the bottom of the basket it has slits that let the ash fall thru to settle to the bottom of the barrel. Attached to the outside of the barrel towards the bottom is an air intake which looks like a very small chimney with a top, that you can adjust. The cover has the chimney for the smoke to escape. You set this directly into the tank of water. Pretty interesting!

Will take a bit of time before the block of ice in the tank will melt. The Bulls will do so much better with warmer water.
On a side note, Shorty came out with us today and he got to go for a ride with his Papa. He was happy boy!


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