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It starts the morning of Saturday, June 4th. Tom takes off early for a shoeing job before his prison job. Now he has been telling me for at least three weeks that he wants to find something else to do as the prison
is getting under his skin. So I decided to pray about this for a bit and come Saturday morning my answer was given, start putting out resumes for him. I would do this for any friend who I saw wasn't happy so why
not my husband. This mind you is not something he knows about YET! About an half an hour after I put out 12 resumes Tom receives a phone call on his cell, the fellow and him talked for an hour. After this call
Tom called me and asked if I wanted to go ranchin'? I was beside myself...well Hell yes I did! He said well now wait a minute before I jump the gun and start packin' we needed to go and check the place out! He said we will be moving 600 miles away and the move will be expensive etc, but lets go check it out! Then the conversation moved to selling the cabin, what do we do with it? We had a buyer who was interested but needed a way to buy the place due to the fact all their monies was tied up. So we called them and asked if they could come over on Sunday, no that won't work but they could be there Monday morning! Great! Off Tom went to work and I started planning our move. LOL!
Monday morning rolled around and the potential buyers showed up. We showed them the place ourselves, answered all kinds of questions and then struck a deal with them. They wanted the place if we wanted to sell it!
We told them depending on how this interview went we would sell to them. We left on our trip that afternoon. 630 miles later found a motel and tried to sleep! Tuesday met with the potential boss, had lots of questions for him,  took a tour of everything and left later that afternoon. Meandered our way back stayed in another motel on Tues night. Wed we took little more of a tour ended up in Miles City, Mt in the afternoon did a little looking around and got a phone call from the boss. He asked us if we wanted the job! We gladly accepted!! Tom immediately called the prison and quit his job. Next day he went in and signed his leave papers and we started packing! Thursday we went down and signed papers on our cabin and then finished getting the rest of our stuff together throughout the weekend.
We took a ranch job in Southeast Montana taking care of 450 pairs on 20,000 deeded acres a mix of private and BLM land. We love what we do! When we arrived here we knew we were already behind the "eight ball". The former help had not been doing there job properly so things were very confusing. So far we have branded cows and calves, tagged them, gave shots, Artificially inseminated, done a few roundups, bought two new horses, and gained two new calves of our own(our boss gave these two to us). Our boss is awesome, he has purchased us a new washer/dryer, swamp cooler and we have a 3 bed 2 bath house we live in with no costs at all, yes he pays the phone too! Full freezer of meat and on top of paying Tom he has paid me as well! Tom is greatful for the new or fairly new equipment he gets to run, two ranch trucks , 4 wheelers etc.
All I can say is we feel truly blessed! Most everything went so smoothly can't help but think that the man upstairs didn't have his hand in this! I say most because Tom's brown bomber did not make it here as of yet. The rear end blew out on the way here still trying to get it repaired. ( the boss even offered to send up his mechanic to fix it..all the way there) We want to be sure to mention that we had help in our move over here, and we are so grateful to them (The Renfros ..Frank & Barbara, The Linds...Tom& Judy, The Fishers....Mike & Cheri).
Our other horses(Lyfa&Blue)&mule(Hank) are here and are happy campers...roaming the acres freely! We do have other help up here who know cows and help with haying and looks like they will be here through the winter.
We also have a little bobcat that we take care of his momma left him behind I think he is the runt. So I just added him into my rounds of orphans, 3 bummer calves(bucket bottle feed) ,another baby calf, a momma who lost her baby (these two have bonded).
We do miss our little cabin on the side of the mountain, but hope to buy another at some time in the near future. Not to say we don't enjoy our present journey because we love it!
Now we are getting ready for shipping, which means we will gather those cows and calves who are going to sale because they are old or do not fit into our breeding program. So corrals are being revamped so we can accomplish this mission with a little less hassle!
Our hay season has been a long and arduous one. Lots of weather issues like tons of rain at first then it got to the point of being to dry. Then of course the usual set backs with equipment. Hope to have it done soon!!

Well we are at the end of summer and feeling the cool nights which is a welcome friend. Soon winter will be here....yes we are preparing! Canning, freezing and storing all the food we can.......... 


  1. Hey Mary! I'm just taking a few minutes to explore your blog. What a journey! I look forward to getting to know you.



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