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I started writing this post last week...busy lady here!! I will try again....

The cool weather is here now. Under 50 this morning with a cold wind blowing. We got a warning the other day that there might be chance of frost today. Not yet fellas!!
I did manage to pull out the sweet potatoes and my oh my there are some biggins in there!
We have a local Co-Op that is based out of Saint Louis. They deliver the goods you order every other week to our local town. It is similar to the Bountiful Baskets that I used to get in Montana. I Love it! This last time I got #50 of yellow onions for $18! Can't beat that!! #50 of potatoes for a little over $11... A bushel of green beans for a bit under $22....Wahoo! So you can imagine I went nuts! The time before I bought a #50 bag of carrots and #25 beets.....Yes, I have been canning my little heart out!!
Our garden produced a fair bit this year but with all the rains (caused washout) we had, it still was not enough for our canning needs. Very grateful we got anything out of it!!

The jalapeno's oh my, they produced a lot of peppers! I had so many that I made poppers and put them in the freezer! Poppers you say, yeppers, a bit of cream cheese in the middle of the cleaned out shell, then wrap the whole thing with bacon, held together with a toothpick! I pull these out of the freezer put a few on a pan , throw in oven, frozen, and bake on 350 for 30-40 mins...yum!!
Suggestion on freezer the little buggers...I would suggest freezing individually before putting them in container...little bit difficult to get out container after they are frozen! :)

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  1. What a great idea on the vegetables. Kind of like having the Farmer's Market deliver. Wish we had something similar here! And isn't it lovely to see all those jars full of food on the shelves!!

  2. You have really been busy, M.E. All of your canned goods look great. It sure is nice to have food on the shelf. I hope our gardens do better next year.


  3. M.E.,

    You've been very busy!!! I'm so happy to see you found some great deals on food through the local coop. Oh my, those poppers look delicious...................
    I need to whip the drool of my lip!!!


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