Baby Steps Forward

Let me start by saying that this blog started out as a record for my family to follow while living in Montana then turned into a farm record plus keeping others updated in Missouri and now has turned back into the record keeping for our family once again. I am sure as time goes on this blog will have it's ups and downs!
Ok so we have got ourselves into another cycle of building.
#1- We have been indecisive over horse pasture because our 50 acre lease pasture has had some logging done to it over the summer and there is some pasture left but really needs to be left alone to recoup. So we put out heads together and have decided to fence off our pastures here at the house. We started the post holes.... using what we have right now which is cedar posts.
#2- Well is an ongoing process of decisions. Remember back when I said something about building a cabin on the hill out back? We are back to taking the back half of this house and making into a functioning little house. Mtn Man investigated what was under the siding that is currently on the whole house to see what is under it.
From what we can see it is a layer of plywood... GREAT NEWS! The foundation is cinder block on the back half. There is some insulation in the attic. The floors need to be worked on which requires getting under the house. The sheet rock needs some attention if not replaced in parts but overall this is a doable situation!

This back half which was added in the early to mid 80's best we figure is approx 18x32 (576 feet to work with). Small you say, yes but we don't need much room to live in. Eventually the front half will be turned into a GREAT Room which will provide more space to spread out. Eventually is the key word for now.
We will be starting this project straight over the winter(lot less bugs to deal with and snakes) we can get rooms ready for the change over and start destruction on the front when spring comes.
In this back half it will take some doing....have to clean out the laundry room of all the stuff...
Auction, dump, giveaway just out here don't care. Gotta go...this little of space does not give one much room for extra. And we have a lot of extra let me tell ya!! In this space will be turned into a kitchen/ dining area for two! If we have more company we can squeeze them in if we wanted to or go out back to eat on the deck (which will get covered too). Open up this doorway a bit... take out the water heater and add a waterless in (which we have already to be installed). Enclose the laundry appliances in their own space and add a cabinet behind the door( which is going away). We will leave the deep sink right where it is... thinking about a sink under the window and cabinet space up above and down below in that usable corner. Can't see it but there is a window on the outside wall there where a small table can sit under for eating. come this way we will use this closest corner for a tele mounted up on the wall and fridge space...sitting area essentially. I am sure some things will change as we get into the building of it all! Nonetheless it will be a fabulous space for us to use!

The brown door you see off in the back of the picture off to the right there is a mechanical room...pressure tank, plumbing, water tank live in this room. This room will also house our electrical box which will be moved from the front of the house. Only have a few feet to move it!

We will take out the old furnace(decommissioned) in the hallway and put a linen closet there..
Open up the closet space in the bedroom
Which will give us much more space....first going through all the clothes and lightening our load a bit to where it makes much more sense!! :) Thinking on the closet space of taking out the wire racks (don't like them at all but they were there already) splitting it down the middle and making half a space for shelves and the other half double hanging space (stacked on top of each other). Yes way more organized! We don't have room in here for a dresser/chest of drawers, had to think of alternate way of storing our clothes!

We moved out the leather to the shop and then we shuffled things out of the storage cellar to their spots. And now we will start moving stuff out of the house to their spots. No ladies I am not getting rid of all my hobby stuff just going to shuffle it around a bit. Everything has a place, almost!
The only other building to come up with is my wee little shop for all my stuff! LOL! For now it will go to the storage cellar to live for a bit.
Leather Shop

Simplifying is not an easy task! Eventually we will get it!

Blacksmith Shop

In other parts of the farm...Mtn Man is getting things organized in his shop...building shelves, setting up his leather shop, blacksmith exciting! I cannot wait to see what comes out of this shop that he builds!! Wahoo!!

Ok off to keep on the task of simplifying! Our economy is headed to the dump once again so this is why the change in thinking. God works in mysterious ways sometimes! LOL!

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  1. Good for you! Simplifying, when you get it done, makes life so much easier. Except maybe for the hobby/crafty stuff. Sometimes I wish I had another room just for fabric and yarn and scrapbooking supplies and.......

  2. Thank you for the tour and the thoughts that are going into your plans, M.E. I can always learn from what others are doing, even if what we are doing is different. I really look forward to watching your progress.


  3. M.E.,

    Continue working toward getting your home situated for winter, and spring.
    Progress one step at a time :-)

  4. I have so much "stuff" I need to get rid of, but as soon as I do, I'll need it the next day!!!



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