Happening This Last Week

We have had a busy week! Still going in fact...thought I would take a wee bit of a break to write ya!
We started out the week with getting things cleaned up. 

#1-Mtn Man and The Kid got the posts in the ground for my grape arbor. Cemented in so they will take a beating!

#2- Then they went to work on getting the seat part in the out house. That takes some special doing to keep things in order when you are sittin on the throne. Sitting on it a few times to make sure it will hold some weight and is it wide enough for the big sitters.
Steady enough for those who like to hang out a bit. Ya know, some serious contemplating on making sure it is the right size for all who visit!
#3- I didn't mention the HEAT has been horrible around these parts!! Heat Index over 100 for days!!
#4- Late afternoon yesterday we had a cool front come through.....so so nice!!

#5- Today the guys, Mtn Man and Monkey Man, are getting to work on my She Shack! Wahoo!!
Monkey Man threw a line in the pond over yonder and brought back some nice lookin bass for us to cook up. They cleaned them up and we headed to town for supplies! I think those people at the Box Store can see us comin'. Make a wide berth for these folks...they are going to leave loaded to the gills! Ha Ha

As you can see it is still warm...I mean HOT here!!
More pics to come......probably post them tomorrow!
Have a safe weekend!
Please do not drink and drive! Use your brain and ask a sober friend/family member or call a cab! Other people drive on that road too!! ;)

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