Spring Storms

Living in Tornado Alley...Spring always brings for me, apprehension that the storms will be BAD!
In the area that we live, has been hit with straight line winds or as they call it around here Inland Hurricane. If that is possible, so is a tornado. Thank the Lord we have a great shelter for us to escape too!
This leaves me thinking about all those who are suffering from the rage of a tornado in our neighboring cities and states! Please say prayers for those who have lost their homes, farms, family members and critters! Say thanks for being blessed for where you are and that you are still upright!
Sandy my friend over at Oklahoma Transient,   has said that she and her family are fine. No damage to anything that they own! I pray they stay safe. But their sons employer suffered extensive damage to his farm and critters. Our condolences and prayers go out to him and his family!
 Stay safe my friends!! Please please say your prayers....

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  1. M.E.,

    Thank you dear friend, we sure appreciate your warm thoughts and prayers.
    Yes, this is tornado season we all must be safe and vigilant about being weather aware.



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