Winter Has Begun!

At the present time it is about 3* out and snowing! We are expecting high winds (35-40 mph gusts) today and are under Blizzard Warnings for the area. In our little cabin we have two small wood stoves and in order to keep the pipes from freezing we use all the heat we can get. All the plumbing is under the cabin instead of in the walls like most places. Last summer we took extra care to rewrap all the pipes and secure the covers on the outside so there was no air leakage under the cabin. With the high winds we still get drafts of cold, so we continue to use the foam insulation to fill in any holes. We should have taken stock out in GREAT STUFF INSULATING FOAM SEALANT. The utility room is staying a cool 34* which is good any colder and the batteries for the solar system would freeze! We have a propane deep freeze that is keeping the room warm. Last winter we hooked up the propane heater in there and it was really warm in that room. The other importance of keeping that room warm is our water and the pump are in that room as well as the vents to under the house.
 We run our business, out of our little cabin, we built a large room mostly for our crafts and storage. My husband works with leather and iron and I make quilts and native american style beadwork. At the present time I have orders for a King Quilt in Blue tones and a Twin Quilt in Earthtone Colors. Orders for a beaded bracelet and a pair of moccasins.
I also bake pies and for the holidays I have 9 pie orders to make in the next couple days! Apple, Peach/Pear, Huckleberry, Pumpkin, and Strawberry/Rhubarb. Busy, Busy Girl!
Well that is all for now!
Talk to ya later


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