Farm Updates

Shorty dog is having a time of it. He is on his second week of meds for some tooth issues that showed up. He went for his first dental at 10 yrs old. His breed is unkind when it comes to teeth! For years we have dealt with it but this year it was unavoidable! Infection set in where three teeth had come out...poor guy! He is doing tons better but will have to go another week longer with antibiotics to make a total of three weeks of meds! This last week is to make sure that the infection isnt going into the bone...with tooth issues this can happen easily! Praying that my little man doesn't have this going on!!! 
The horses are doing great! They are happy to be back home. Had a horse friend of ours find a horse blanket for Lyfa. It wasn't exactly our taste but beggers can't be choosers!! What is important is that she isn't using all her energies to stay warm. They get Mary's slop twice a day...high in fat & protein including lots of fiber! The hay we recently traded for, has essentially no food value to it so we went to local feed store bought some alfalfa mix to supplement them. The two in the field have arab in them and are hard keepers in this cold temps like we have. That is why we are feeding like we are! Lyfa is 24 yrs old and showing it hard this year.

We are getting closer to finishing our big room. These cold temps are slowing things just a little bit. In this big room will be the kitchen, living, and office space. The unfinished wall is where office space goes. The wall with the pipe on it is the side where kitchen goes..and living space is between two windows. I can see it and cannot wait to see finished product!
The walls and ceiling will be finished with wood...Can't wait to show ya that! It will be gorgeous!!

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He surprised me for Valentine's Day!!


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