Snow Excitement

 Went out to do my "chores" this morning...the chickies said they thought maybe they would stay in today....the dogs were excited and the horses ...well they both wanted me to stop foolin around and get them their grain!! Upon return of seeing the horses the chickies still were contemplating what they should do!
about 1" of snow from what I can figure on top of a lot of is so beautiful!

Went out to check on the chickies and only a few have ventured out! Thinking they have a full on protest going on in the hut! ;)

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  1. I'm with the chickens. I don't like going out when it snows, either.
    It is beautiful, though, isn't it!

  2. We have about 10" of snow...all of a sudden the weather decided to change, we've had a very-very mild winter..until this week. We have an outside wood stove so we are very warm, the electric hasn't gone off yet, hope it doesn't. Stay warm and enjoy the snow.
    My sons birthday was the 13th, he would have turned 41, and my daughters will be the 24th, she would have been 45. It just seems like yesterday that they were my babies! Some days are harder than others. I really don't know why I told you that, I don't usually talk about it, guess just knowing you have the same heartaches makes it's easier for me to uncover my heart to you. Thanks for letting me follow your blog.



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