"The Sun Shines On Me 24 Hrs a Day"

I heard someone say to me one day as you get older consider yourself fortunate to have one friend you can count on whenever you need them. Of course, I thought to myself that is really sad if that is the case. Well let me tell ya I think she may have had a point to that statement.
I have a lot of acquaintances, some that I consider more than that and a couple that I consider very good friends. Let me define each, acquaintances are the ones that I talk to occasionally you know the ones who ask what you been up to , how's the hubby, etc. Then there are the ones I consider more than that, you hang out sometimes, talk about the daily stuff etc and then there are the couple of friends , these are the ones I could call at anytime and most likely they would say hey what's up? Need something? Or do you need to talk? need a place to lay your head? etc.
My husband is one of those who has become my best friend. He talks with me even when he really is not interested in the subject, listens to me ramble on and on about silly things, and then listens to me when I really need someone to talk to. I so love him for that, not because he is my husband but because he is my best friend. It is funny how life changes us and makes us appreciate these little things such as friendship. I guess maybe I have taken advantage of my friends in the past, not really paying attention to that fact. I hope they don't feel that way, and if they do or did I truly hope they realize I did not mean anything by it. I have come to realize that having my friends who may be as close to me to call family is really an important factor in my being who I am. My family is not close to me, for all different sorts of reasons, so my friends are important to me! My friend Allison is another, I so miss our closeness we once had. You know silly things like talking to each other all the time about what we are doing in our lives. Going out to Chinese and Watching our favorite shows together every night at 7pm. Now our lives have taken different paths and we aren't as close as we once were but I believe that if one of us needed the other, it would be welcomed with open arms! luv u sis!
Then my buddies Dale and Linda, I so love these two people. Very kind hearted, helped me move forward when I could have easily slipped backwards! They don't know what they have done for me, physically as well as spiritually! We found the common thread, horses, and it is a mainstay in our relationship to this day! xoxo to you both!!!
I guess I wrote this to really tell you all that I do appreciate who you are and that I recognize that I am very fortunate and blessed to have you all in my life and that for one reason or another you have impacted my life in ways that would take me a month of sundays to write! Thank you is not enough..........
While living here in Montana I haven't really met to many women. There's Barbara, Judy, Debbie, Marlene, Mary, Fayth, Jane, Kelly, Jen, Kristen, Carol, Cheryl(Canada), Angela, Lisa, Laura, Sue(mail lady), Ms. Mother Teresa(80's), Sue, Tami, and Jo. Most of these I talk with on Facebook or see occasionally at our local establishments store, bar, post office etc. or are my neighbors. I really can't say that I am really close to any of them. Just recently, I see Barbara more and we share crafts and horses in common which I really like. But I have to say , Montana is one hard place to befriend anyone! The women here are tough because of it, most of those I named have either been born here or have been here for upteen years. Don't get me wrong I like these women, it just is not easy being a woman in Montana.
I spend a lot, I do mean A LOT of time by myself. I keep myself busy, self motivator! As most of you know , beads, quilts, Facebook, writing, researching(missing persons & genealogy), horses/dogs and general chores around the house. 
I guess I am just sayin' that I miss my friends! Sometimes I wish it could be different but I love Montana and I love My Husband and this too shall pass! I am always a phone call away tho' ring a girl sometime!
On another note, the sun was shinin' today and it was freezing out! I think it finally made it above zero today but not warm enough for me to spend to much time outside. Still have lots of snow on the ground, it snowed 4 inches on top of what we had night before last.
Starting back to school now too! Very excited! Going for my Associates Degree in Arts Major in Criminal Justice Minor in Psychology. Ultimate goal is to get into the minds of the bad guys! The mind is a terrible thing to waste....I know cliche' right.......I start officially on Mar 21st and hope to get my degree in a year and half. We shall see how it goes........no interruptions.....it should happen as planned!
Well I guess that's all for now .......talk to ya soon.......


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