Taking orders for the 2016-2017 year CHRISTMAS IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.........
Yes I said it...but you have to start thinking about gifts now.
  Any projects you need patched or re created for your next Rendezvous Season? Gun Accessories you need made or patched? Wanna get the wifey a new pair of earrings or something for her horse gear? Wanna get the hubby something special for his knife or gun selection?
If ya think of somethin' contact us by email... or 
This project was given to me to is from the Crow Nation. The original piece arrived as an applique and later added to this pipe bag for decoration. The piece is old old. The thread has started to rot so damage was appearing from great use over the years.
I did not want to compromise the integrity of the piece so I repaired as best I could. 

This will end up being a wall hanging I am told!
Helped with the making of this Capote.....



We have had a website for almost 4 yrs but recently decided to let it go as our business is going thru a move and a makeover. So for now, we will post here the new projects that we are working on. This is a family business--The Masterson's. We have plans for Rendezvous' in and around the central states and look forward to meeting you if and when you stop by to say Hello.
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Latest Project:

Brow Band For Horse Bridle
4/8/14-Will attach to leather for removable capability

Leather Coat Finished Product

Leather Coat
                                                                                Ashley Contract Saddle
Lady Bug Quilt
                                                                    Blue/Silver Barrette & Earrings
Blue Square King Quilt
                                                                                Sexy Quilt
Hannah Montana & Barbie Quilt
                                                                    White Deerskin Leather Coat
Nautical Lap Quilt
                                                                                  Memory Queen Quilt
Jean Twin Quilt
                                                                                 Crazy Queen Quilt

You can also find Beavertail Trading Post on Facebook to see more....

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