Saturday, July 9, 2016

Heartfelt Goodbye!

Mountain Man and I have decided to say Goodbye to our blog!
Can you believe it? After almost 6 yrs of writing we are leaving the blogging world. This decision did not come lightly as there is so much to share. But with all of what has been happening in the world and our nation and is yet to happen we decided it was time to wrap it up.
There is a scripture in Revelation that speaks of a time when Satan would be let loose to wreak havoc on the world. We believe we are living in those times. All of us who live in this world need to give our full attention to our surroundings and beyond! Be diligent in your lives and always give God your best. Say your prayers and wait for his answers with open minds and open ears! Then Act in whatever direction He is leading you and you will always be blessed in ways you would have ever dreamed.
We are extremely grateful for all of your support throughout the years!
With much love, we say Farewell!

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